Monitoring Evaluation and Learning online course

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning course

As we head towards 2018, we are excited to announce a number of additional courses starting in January, including another Online Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning course (17 January-22 February 2018). We recently renamed this course to include ‘learning’ in the title. One of the key objectives is to enable participants to apply the results of M&E processes for improving accountability and organisational learning. As such, this closes the loop between M&E for accountability and M&E for organisational learning and continual improvement.

Aimed at those who are relatively new to M&E, this course ensures participants have a thorough understanding of M&E concepts and core practical skills and the confidence needed to do M&E effectively.

Given the high demand in the sector, it is designed to develop participants’ understanding of the principles and practice of effective M&E. Through live trainer-led sessions and peer-to-peer learning, participants will share examples of M&E approaches and tools appropriate to different types of interventions and contexts. The live webinars and individual coaching sessions will help each attendee to tackle the M&E challenges that they may be facing in their work.

Our approach to eLearning provides approximately 35 hours of training over 5 weeks.  The training consists of a blend of ‘real time’ interactive webinars led by our highly experienced trainers (Orla Cronin and Alison Napier), individual and collaborative group activities, opportunities to interact with participants on the course through discussion forums on the INTRAC learning platform, and individual coaching to enable attendees to apply the learning to their work.

Orla has great capacities to lead the webinar, she made it interesting and entertaining. The facilitation was excellent! I appreciated the mentoring session, the feedback on the homework, as well as the diverse resources she made accessible to the participants by email, truly useful. Claudia Cordero, Independent Consultant, participant in the online monitoring and evaluation course June-July 2017

The mentoring was a brilliant part of the course. I had ample time to discuss the training content and how it related with my work and my organisation. Fredrick, Caritas, participant in the online monitoring and evaluation course June-July 2017

This course provides flexibility and enables you to take part in an INTRAC training with others in the sector without travelling. The timing of the live webinars is 1pm UK time. They are recorded and made available on our e-learning platform, so you can view them in your own time if you cannot make it to the live sessions.

For more details on this course and a full list of our training courses in January—March 2018, please visit the upcoming courses page.

Finally, we are busy planning the course dates for beyond March 2018. These will be added to the calendar when they are finalised, so do keep an eye out for new courses. Or get in touch to discuss our online, face to face and tailor-made trainings – email