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Accountability Frameworks: strengthening or undermining trust in NGOs?

Guest bloggers Erla Thrandardottir and Vincent Charles Keating share their views on NGOs, trust, and the accountability agenda.

Evaluation of Kepa’s role strengthening civil society

Between December 2016 and February 2017 INTRAC Consultant Cowan Coventry, along with Finnish consultant Veera Pensala, conducted an evaluation of the Finnish […]

Mid-term review and final evaluation of Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative

INTRAC carried out a Mid Term Review (in 2013) and Final Evaluation (2014-2015) of the Canadian Red Cross (CRC)’s Disaster […]

Monitoring and evaluation system for the Climate and Development Knowledge Network

INTRAC has led on the design and delivery of Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment (MEIA) for the Climate and Development […]

Monitoring and Evaluation Planning Series

A special series of short papers dealing with the central area of planning for monitoring and evaluation. This is in recognition that planning and M&E are closely linked, and that effective planning is often a pre-condition for effective M&E.

Evaluation of Transparency International’s National Integrity Systems

The European Commission funded project “Regional-based approach to NIS Assessments in European Neighbourhood South – Phase II” supported Transparency International’s […]

Theory of Change facilitator’s guide for Oxfam GB

INTRAC developed a training pack on Theory of Change for Oxfam GB. This provided practical guidance and materials for facilitating […]

External review of the Impact Assessment for Mary’s Meals programmes in Malawi, Zambia and Liberia

Since April 2014, INTRAC has been working with Mary’s Meals to provide an external review and quality assurance of the […]

M&E Paper 7:  Impact Assessment: Understanding and assessing our contributions to change

Pressures such as the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, and the UK Charity Commission now requiring NGOs to report against […]

ONTRAC 33. Aid Harmonisation: Challenges for Civil Society

Is the present focus on aid harmonisation, as embodied in the Paris Declaration, yet another attempt to marginalise civil society […]

Praxis Paper 2. Rising to the Challenges: Assessing the Impacts of Organisational Capacity Building

This paper offers a brief overview of current thinking and practice in relation to the impact assessment of organisational capacity building interventions. It highlights some challenges and then goes on to provide an overview of some of the practical approaches that have been adopted by NGOs and CSOs.

Praxis Note 4. How Should Impact Be Assessed Cross-Culturally?

The assessment of impact involves a number of stakeholders often working within different cultural assumptions, in different power relations to each other. Assessing impact must be considered from a cross-cultural perspective.

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