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Using beneficiary feedback to improve development programmes

World Vision UK, INTRAC, SIMLab and CDA launch their findings and practitioner resources from a three- year pilot exploring how […]

DFID Beneficiary Feedback Mechanisms (BFM) Pilot End-point Review: Synthesis Report

This report presents findings from the end-point review of a pilot implementing beneficiary feedback mechanisms in seven aid projects, funded via UK Aid Direct.

Is there such a thing as responsible exit?

By INTRAC Principal Consultant Rick James. ‘Exit’ is a harsh reality for many aid agencies today. As a result of […]

Briefing Paper 40. 40 years of NGO development: Time to rediscover a purpose?

This essay is the product of Brian’s Pratt personal review of over almost 40 years’ experience engaged in development from a civil society/NGO perspective.

Sustainability of civil society organisations in a rapidly changing world

By guest blogger Albert A Arhin. Civil society has been pivotal in driving political change as well as development in […]

Civil Society at a Crossroads. Most significant findings

This two-page document summarises the most important findings of the ‘Civil Society at a Crossroads’ programme . It also links to the project’s major outputs, including more detailed synthesis documents and all case studies.

Briefing Paper 31. Understanding private donors in international development

This paper provides an introduction to private donors’ engagement in international development, particularly philanthropic foundations. It describes the scale of foundations and their importance to the field of development aid.

ONTRAC 51. Theory of Change – what’s it all about?

This issue of ONTRAC looks at ‘Theory of Change’: another ‘new’ idea that has become increasingly popular in the development […]

Civil Society at a New Frontier. ‘Civil society at a new frontier’ conference report

INTRAC’s international development conference in December 2011 focussed on civil society, economic growth and the post-aid environment. Recent world events […]

Global changes and civil society. Background paper for ‘Civil society at a new frontier’ conference

This short paper explores the challenges confronting civil society at a time of unprecedented and widely underestimated global change.

ONTRAC 33. Aid Harmonisation: Challenges for Civil Society

Is the present focus on aid harmonisation, as embodied in the Paris Declaration, yet another attempt to marginalise civil society […]

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