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What’s it like to be on the receiving end of exit? A partner and country office view

This learning paper brings together valuable stories from individuals that have been through exit and transitions.

Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Summarising Results

This short paper illustrates the ways in which Danish CSOs can continue to present and improve a summary picture of the positive changes they have contributed to and when aggregation may or may not be appropriate. The paper draws upon the experience of Danish and international CSOs in reporting their results.

Assessing the performance of multi-stakeholder initiatives

In support of the Task Team’s Global Partnership Initiative 12, a voluntary initiative affiliated with global efforts to advance aid […]

Is the future private? Sustainability, social enterprise and (my) social conscience

By Rachel Hayman. ‘Is the future private?’ was an early draft title for one of the main sessions for INTRAC’s […]

Legitimacy and sustainability of civil society organisations: synergies and dependencies

By Michael Hammer.on 13 November 2014 Most civil society organisations make direct or indirect claims that they are providing benefits […]

Study on support to civil society through multi donor funds

Many donors, over the last decade, have explored mechanisms for funding southern civil society more directly in country in addition […]

Sustainability of civil society organisations in a rapidly changing world

By guest blogger Albert A Arhin. Civil society has been pivotal in driving political change as well as development in […]

M&E and improving: changing the status quo

The third in a short series of blogs from M&E consultant Nigel Simister which tackle learning and accountability within organisational […]

M&E and improving: the key features

The second in a short series of blogs from M&E consultant Nigel Simister which tackle learning and accountability within organisational […]

The use of consultants in development

By Brian Pratt. As all good bloggers should do, I need to declare an interest here because at INTRAC we […]

Briefing Paper 31. Understanding private donors in international development

This paper provides an introduction to private donors’ engagement in international development, particularly philanthropic foundations. It describes the scale of foundations and their importance to the field of development aid.

Praxis Paper 24. Looking After Number One: Donor support for HIV and AIDS in the workplace

This paper synthesises the findings from a six-country research project looking at the workplace responses to HIV of 50 international agencies – bilateral, multilateral and NGOs – working in India, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi and Ghana.

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