Tag: shifting the power

Decolonising monitoring and evaluation: from control to learning

Three staff from Organisation Development Support (ODS) explore the means and implications of decolonising monitoring and evaluaton.

Upcoming event: join us for a discussion on decolonising consultancy

On 21 September, join an in-depth event on decolonising consultancy in the civil society and international development spaces.

Shifting the power through monitoring, evaluation, and learning

Find out all about the second phase of our 30th anniversary celebrations, focusing on shifting the power through MEL.

Event summary: Shifting the power through MEL (July 2022)

Download an extensive summary of INTRAC’s second of two 30th anniversary events.

Dialogue paper: The unique insight of young people – youth, development, and shifting the power

In this full dialogue paper, five young civil society practitioners reflect on #shiftthepower

How can the shift the power process better reflect the unique insight of young people?

In this dialogue paper extract, five young civil society practitioners reflect on #shiftthepower

INTRAC on an equity, diversity, and inclusion journey

The members of INTRAC’s EDI group reflect on the journey we are on.

To what extent does feminist MEL shift the power?

Elanor Jackson and Kanwal Ahluwalia explore feminist approaches to MEL in the context of #shiftthepower

Abuse of power? How M&E systems really operate

For our shifting the power through MEL series, Rod MacLeod looks at the power dynamics of M&E systems.

Reimagining monitoring, evaluation, and learning through African folklore

Gervin Chanase explores the value of African folklore in shifting the power through MEL.

Looking in the mirror – power and privilege, at work and away from my desk

Research and Programme Coordinator Willemijn de Bruin reflects on power and privilege, and her recent visit to Sri Lanka.