Over the last 30 years, INTRAC has witnessed many positive examples of transferring power and agency to partners in the global South. Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) is one sphere where much of the language, practices, and power are strongly rooted in the global North. We are a still a very long way from equitable partnerships. To get there will mean re-thinking the way that MEL is approached and undertaken.

On July, 2022, INTRAC hosted an online event under the title “shifting the power through monitoring, evaluation and learning”. This event formed a part of the celebrations of INTRAC’s 30th anniversary. Over 200 participants from around the world joined the 90-minute discussion. This document presents extracts from each part of the event, and provides links to other resources on the intersection between MEL and the #shifthepower movement.


Shifting the power through MEL event summary

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