Civil society sustainability. Cameroon case study. WACSI 2017

This paper, published by WACSI, looks at the critical issue of capacity development and how it affects sustainability of civil society organisations (CSOs) especially those in the global south. It emphasises how every country needs its own intelligence and expertise to support its change and development and the need of the Northern partners to harness the existing local capacities.

The paper includes a case study (page 11) from Cameroon, analysing NWADO’s approach to local capacity development using the marketing theory of demand to promote local CSOs sustainability through a local and home-grown peer-to-peer capacity development process.

WACSeries are analytical periodic write-ups on topical themes and issues relevant to West Africa. These write-ups provide experts, researchers and practitioners a space to reflect, analyse and posit views and recommendations on emerging issues and debates.


Civil society sustainability and local capacity development. Cameroon case study. WACSeries 2016

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