Leeds University Centre for Global Development and INTRAC have come together to organise a major global three-day online conference to encourage frank discussion on the challenges of creating the world that we want to see, the research agendas that will enable us to further our shared goals, and share lessons and good practices among colleagues.

The free online global conference entitled ‘Decolonising Development: Whose Voice? Whose Agenda?’ will take place from 22nd to 24th May 2017.

This event follows up on the two-day international development conference on vulnerability and resilience held in Leeds (UK) in November 2016 and organised by the Leeds Social Sciences Institute and Centre for Global Development and facilitated by INTRAC.

The conference builds on research and current debates that critically assess the growing faith in multi-stakeholder development partnerships to achieve the SDGs. Research undertaken amongst CGD members and INTRAC and the Task Team on CSO Development Effectiveness and Enabling Environment in diverse development contexts exposes the complex power dynamics and contradictions often inherent in multi-stakeholder initiatives.

The conference will be organised around three interlinked themes:

  • Power, voice and inclusion
  • Accountability, evidence and impact
  • Partnership and capacity-building

During the conference key contributors will lead two hour sessions, posting initial short think pieces to stimulate dynamic discussion among the participants around each theme.

Registration to this event is now closed, but please do contact us by email to L.Narayanaswamy@leeds.ac.uk and Alysonebrody@gmail.com if you wish to get updates.

Learn more about this conference by reading the pre-conference blog here: http://cgd.leeds.ac.uk/2017/04/04/online-conference-decolonising-development-whose-voice-whose-agenda/