From 2010 until the end of 2020, INTRAC was responsible for the editorship of Development in Practice, one of the best-known journals in the development sector. Development in Practice offers practice-relevant analysis and research relating to development, providing a worldwide forum for the exchange of ideas and practical experiences among practitioners, academics, policy shapers, and activists. By challenging current assumptions, the journal seeks to stimulate new thinking and ways of working.

Development in Practice was set up by Oxfam in 1991. Its founding editor, Brian Pratt, was also founding Director of INTRAC from 1991 to 2013. Brian served as Editor in Chief of Development in Practice during INTRAC’s tenure, with Adam Houlbrook as Deputy Editor.

INTRAC and Development in Practice share a common commitment to a core mission – to disseminate and share the research and practice of international development to a global audience. The journal publishes articles, practical notes, viewpoints, review essays, and literature reviews. INTRAC is proud to have held the editorship of Development in Practice, to have grown its readership year on year, and to have reached a point where around 50% of the journal’s contributors and peer reviewers were from the global South.

To find out more about the journal, please visit the publisher’s website and read the instructions for authors.

The editorial, and some articles in most issues, are free to view. You can also browse the full list of open access articles from the journal. The journal has also published a number of special issues. Details of the special issues published during INTRAC’s editorship are available below.

Development in Practice Special Issues: 2010 – 2020

  • Volume 30, Issue 6 (2020): “New sectoral perspectives on international NGOs: scale, dynamics and influences”. Guest editors: Nicola Banks, Lau Schulpen, and Dan Brockington
  • Volume 29, Issue 5 (2019): “Transitions towards sustainable development: a view from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region”. Guest editors: Suzanne Hammad, Mohammad Al-Saidi and Esmat Zaidan
  • Volume 28, Issue 3 (2018): “Communicating development and mediating social change”. Guest editors: Robin Mansell and Linje Manyozo
  • Volume 27: Issue 5 (2017)“Faith and health in development contexts”. Guest editor: Dr. Jill Olivier
  • Volume 26, Issue 5 (2016)“Civil society sustainability: facing up to new challenges in organisational legitimacy, credibility, and viability”. Guest editor: Rachel Hayman (with Brian Pratt)
  • Volume 24, Issues 5-6 (2014): “Endogenous Development”. Guest editors: Chiku Malunga and Susan H. Holcombe
  • Volume 23, Issue 5 (2013): “Civil societies at crossroads: eruptions, initiatives, and evolution in citizen activism”. Guest editors: Rajesh Tandon and L. David Brown
  • Volume 22, Issues 5-6 (2012): “Religion and development”. Guest editor: Carole Rakodi
  • Volume 21, Issues 4-5 (2011): “Global food-price shocks and poor people: themes and case studies”. Guest editors: Marc J. Cohen and Melinda Smale
  • Volume 20, Issues 4-5 (2010): “Achieving Education for All through public-private partnerships?”. Guest editor: Pauline Rose