Brian PrattBrian has 40 years experience of working in international development. He has worked with a diverse range of actors across the sector including: multilateral and bilateral donor agencies; international NGOs; academic and applied researchers; social movements; local NGOs and CSOs. Brian brings a depth of expertise in participatory monitoring and evaluation techniques; the development of social and humanitarian policy and practice; human rights and social justice; democratisation, governance and civil society development in both rural and urban development.  His research and policy development expertise encompasses poverty reduction, aid policies, aid flows and aid architecture.

Brian as founding director  took INTRAC from an idea to a fully functioning organisation with well-established programmes in development communications, training, research, overseas programmes and consultancies.  The organisation has subsequently developed an active network of partners and clients globally through convening conferences and joint work with programmes in various regions of the Global South.

Brian is currently Editor-in-Chief of Development in Practice

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INTRAC editorship of Development in Practice (2010 – 2020)

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