Suzanne was invited to join the INTRAC Board in June 2021. Suzanne is a British-Palestinian and has lived and worked in Jordan, Jerusalem, Egypt, the UK, and is currently based in Qatar. She has over 20 years’ experience across several countries of the Middle East and North Africa region conceptualizing and leading on social and policy research, programme evaluations, and community empowerment projects in health, education, and social protection sectors. She is currently an Independent Consultant and Adjunct Lecturer of Sociology, and prior to that, researched, trained, and advised within local academic and civil society institutions.

Before relocating to Qatar, Suzanne worked with INTRAC in the role of Principal Consultant -MENA, building on years of progressive experience and consulting with UN and international and national organizations in the MENA region (UNICEF, UNRWA, American Friends Service Committee, among others). She holds a PhD in Sociology from Queens University, Belfast and an MA in Social Policy and Administration from the University of Nottingham. Suzanne is passionate about empowering vulnerable population groups and supporting those who support them- be it civil society organizations, policy-makers, or community members.

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