Consultants for Change (C4C) is an innovative professional development programme for civil society professionals. Running from 29 March-24 May 2018, this 8-week programme equips consultants with a core understanding of how change happens and how to manage it in way that is owned and driven by the organisation and the staff themselves. These soft skills can be applied to a whole range of interventions, from fundraising to project evaluation, and ensure that whatever intervention is done, it is done in a way that empowers people and ensures the change is sustained.

This facilitated learning process will allow you to reflect on your own practices and to access training and mentoring support from INTRAC’s team of experienced trainers and consultants. Whether you are starting out in international development consultancy work or have several years of experience, the C4C programme is for you. It is also relevant if you are accompanying organisational change in the context of a partnership.

For more details please watch the short video below to get an overview of the 7 modules of the C4C programme in just under 7 minutes, and download a full course profile.


For someone who was not particularly a fan of online courses, I changed my mind totally after an interesting and highly rewarding experience of participating in the C4C pilot course. It was an awesome blend of the A-Z of development consultancy work with great supporting resources, efficient and warm facilitation team, networking and priceless learning of course! One catch phrase I took away with me was ‘Consulting with soul’. I had fun all the way! Chibogu Obinwa, participant on the C4C online course

Places on this course are limited, so apply early to avoid disappointment! For more information please contact the INTRAC Training Team:, +44(0)1865 263040