From December 2017 to March 2018 INTRAC consultants Jan Knight and Funmi Olukeye  supported CBM Nigeria’s Country Office in conducting an organisational assessment. The assessment looked at the preparedness of the Country Office to meet the requirements of CBM’s new Federation Strategy.

The organisational assessment also looked at the wider stakeholder environment within which the Nigeria country office operates (e.g. CBM International Office, CBM Regional Office, Member Associations and Project Partners) which have direct or indirect influence on the country office’s performance.

The overarching objectives for the assessment were to define needs and changes required for CBM Nigeria’s Country Office to:

  • become a strong (programmatically, operationally and financially) and empowered Core Country Office in line with CBM’s new Operating Model;
  • deliver most effectively towards CBM’s Federation Strategy;
  • become fit for further growth in terms of its programme, being able to effectively implement large scale Legally Contracted Designated Funded (LCDF) programmes, its corresponding partner portfolio, its institutional set-up, staff numbers, their competencies and skill set, and budgets;
  • address root causes of current and past performance issues;
  • streamline structures, functions and processes to further its overall effectiveness and cost efficiency;
  • to have a shared vision, mission and values in line with the CBM federation.