Between January and July 2021, INTRAC carried out research on a British Council programme, the Digital R&D Fund of Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE). This work was undertaken by Principal Consultant Floresca Karanàsou, and it explored how cultural relations can develop only through digital means.

In an effort to maintain international cultural exchanges during the COVID-19 pandemic, the British Council created the DICE R&D Fund to support 20 international digital collaborations in six countries (Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa, and the UK). Over five months, 40 civil society organisations, creative enterprises and university departments collaborated in pairs to create 20 digital projects that would foster inclusion, connection, experimentation, and co-design. INTRAC’s research explored the nature of these digital partnerships, with a focus on the power balance between partners. The research involved interviews with all 40 digital partners, observation of Community of Practice sessions and a document review.

The resulting report available here incorporates four case studies. In addition to this narrative presentation, these are also available in visual formats. Two cases studies are available as graphic stories created by Eileen Lemoin, and two have been made into videos which are expected to be available shortly.

Graphic stories




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