In Oxford and beyond we’ve been developing relationships to help strengthen civil society. We hosted representatives of AGNA and CIVICUS to explore collaboration (see the Viewpoint by our Training Manager, Nicole Titera). Our Chief Executive, Jim Emerson, headed to Saudi Arabia for the first preparatory meeting for the C20 later this year. And we’ve teamed up with CDA Collaborative Learning Projects to run two webinars in March on aid transitions.

It’s a real pleasure to be introducing consultants from our international network, several of whom contributed to a blog in January reflecting on what is facing civil society in 2020. We have launched the newest section of the M&E Universe, and recently shared the latest Praxis paper on Action Learning, written by Jitske Hoogenboom of PAX and Bruce Britton. These freely accessible resources and think-pieces reflect a purpose that INTRAC has long served – to provide space for practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences and to open up their ideas to critical review. Particularly in the field of M&E, this constant knowledge exchange enables us to come up with new ways of tackling problems, as the reflections from Dan James and Rod MacLeod show.

This is also a key purpose of Development in Practice, the journal we’ve edited since 2011, which is now seeking a new Editor-in-Chief and editorial home.

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INTRAC Newsletter February 2020 Final

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