This is our first newsletter of 2021, and we’ve all grown rather tired of saying that we hope this year brings better things than 2020. The situation seems pretty bleak in many parts of the world, not just as we continue to battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, but also as human rights are violated again and again in Yemen, Myanmar and Uganda, to name just a few.

Yet civil society is as active as ever and people are finding new and creative ways to make their voices heard as they strive for social justice, as our guest viewpoint from consultant Isabela Souza shows. The small part that INTRAC plays in supporting these efforts continues to make us proud. This month we showcase our new programme in support of very small UK-based organisations working internationally, recent research into civil society support organisations on behalf of the Ford Foundation, exchanges with Greek CSOs through HIGGS, and the latest from The Development Alternative. There are endings too – with completion of work on Bridging the Gaps and our support to the AMiRA migration programme coming to a close.

On the new beginnings front, we also welcome Peter Sargent as our interim Chief Executive (read his Viewpoint on his thoughts as he joins the INTRAC team), Alastair Spray to the staff team and Alexander Knapp to our Board.

Finally, you can find out about our latest training offers and publications. Here’s to an active and successful 2021!

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INTRAC Newsletter February 2021 FINAL

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