This issue of ONTRAC looks at the increasing use of new technologies in monitoring and evaluation. Following a short overview, five contributors offer different perspectives and experiences on the topic.

Kai Matturi from Concern Worldwide looks at digital data gathering, and the benefits that it can bring in terms of making real-time M&E a possibility. Caroline Trigg, from Zimbabwe-based Target Research, offers some experiences on the practical application of using such digital devices in survey work.

Meanwhile, Soledad Muñiz from InsightShare outlines how participatory video techniques can be married with M&E tools such as Most Significant Change, facilitating bottom-up learning. Diana Tonea, from ACTED in Jordan, considers the benefits and challenges of using ICTs in humanitarian situations, using the Syrian refugee crisis as an example.

Finally, Laura Walker Hudson from FrontlineSMS looks at the main ways that mobile technologies can be used to support M&E.


ONTRAC 55: New technologies in monitoring and evaluation: can we push the boundaries?

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