INTRAC’s Praxis Programme catalyses the sharing of experiences and supports the development of innovative practices in the field of organisational capacity building. As the advisory group of Praxis, the Catalyst Group meets once a year. During the 2005 meeting, a session was organised in response to the concerns made by Catalyst Group members that recent changes in donor policies in relation to civil society (CS) and organisational capacity building (OCB) may mean that the learning which is being generated and disseminated through Praxis will be irrelevant in five years’ time.

The aim of the session was to discuss where OCB fits within donor strategies and programmes and to gain an insight into the future direction of donor policies. The session began with a brief presentation, followed by plenary and group discussions.

This Praxis Note is a summary of the discussions held during that session. It covers a diverse range of views and comments, which were not necessarily shared by all those present.


Praxis Note 19 - Donor Policies and Capacity Building

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