drc logoINTRAC worked closely with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) to design and deliver an online webinar-based training programme for M&E staff and local partners working in the MENA region.

The training programme aimed to build the monitoring, evaluation and learning skills of M&E focal points and staff across the organisation.

The course sought to:

  • Increase the awareness and understanding of key staff on how monitoring and evaluation relates to DRC’s project cycle management framework
  • Increase the awareness and understanding of key staff on DRC’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Minimum Operating Standards and the guidelines and tools available
  • Strengthen the skills of DRC M&E Focal Points in conducting project and programme level M&E in line with organisational standards
  • Enhance field staff’s confidence in conducting M&E in a changing environment.

I liked the interaction taking place between the participants and the range of experiences that each person carries. This made the discussions very rich and interesting. The topics also chosen are very spot on, as they are issues we face (or work with) on a daily basis. The trainer was obviously very experienced in this field and was a very good moderator. A lot of examples which helped in better understanding the topics…it was very useful and relevant!

Training Participant