About ZDHC and the Roadmap to Zero 

Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) is a multi-stakeholder organisation with over 320 signatories.  These include brands, suppliers, chemical suppliers and solution providers.  At ZDHC’s core is the Roadmap to Zero Programme, which seeks to eliminate harmful chemicals from the global supply chain.  This is intended to achieve more sustainable manufacturing, thereby protecting workers, consumers, and ecosystems. 

INTRAC’s support to ZDHC on strategy development 

In 2022, INTRAC was commissioned to facilitate ZDHC’s new strategic plan, to cover a period of seven years. This work was undertaken by Principal Consultant, Rod MacLeod. He carried out a survey and stakeholder interviews to frame the issues, which then led into a series of staff, strategy committee, and board meetings to develop and decide upon the new strategy.  

The resulting Impact Strategy includes revised vision and mission statements, a new theory of change (ToC), revised priority thematic areas, strategic actions, and related key performance indicators. 

INTRAC’s support to the ZDHC advisory process 

In 2023, INTRAC was commissioned to undertake additional work for ZDHC as the implementation of its new strategy started.  This was to review and make recommendations for its existing Advisory Groups – for Brands, Supplier and Chemical Suppliers.  These exist for key stakeholders to provide input as ZDHC develops or updates guidelines to strengthen the Roadmap to Zero.