Ontrac 52 coverThis issue of ONTRAC looks at enabling space for civil society activity. Following an overview, our four contributors each offer a different perspective on ways forward to protect and enable civil society action.

Ingrid Srinath, former Secretary General of CIVICUS, outlines seven substantive reasons to believe that civil society, despite ongoing global economic upheaval and attacks on freedom of expression, is in the midst of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to advance our shared goals. Asma Khalifa, a Libyan civil society activist working for Hilfswerk Austria International, looks in closer detail at the prospects for civil society in Libya following the 2011 revolution, highlighting the changes, challenges, and opportunities within the country.

Roy Trivedy, Head of the Civil Society Department in DFID, addresses ways in which official development agencies can contribute to protecting the space for civil society, focussing in particular on DFID’s work in this area. Finally, Tanja Kleibl from Trócaire provides an INGO perspective, drawing on Trócaire’s recent policy work on protecting the space for civil society, and offering pointers on the roles and responsibilities of international NGOs within this.


ONTRAC 52: Enabling space for civil society action

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ONTRAC 52: Enabling space for civil society action. Russian

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