click-praxis-note-no-73-rod-macleod-final-cover“Click! Using YouTube as training tool” is a new Praxis Note by Rod MacLeod, which explores the exciting potential of YouTube as a tool for the innovative trainer. It covers both how to use a video in the context of an effective training and also suggests particular clips under topic headings.

This is a relatively new area and one that is rapidly developing. Sometimes links disappear, so apologies if you click one of the links above … and get nothing. If you have come across other video clips (or indeed have found other ways to use them for civil society development), please share your ideas with us and we can incorporate the most useful when updating this Praxis Note.

Good topic – I’ve been thinking about this for a while and actually was asked recently to include video material in a tailor made training.  Here’s a good clip: useful for discussing leadership and creating social movements. It’s called ‘Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy’:


Praxis-Note-73 - Click - Using Youtube as a training tool - Rod MacLeod

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