PAX_Logo_Web_FCPAX secured funding from the European Commission to support South Sudanese CSOs in influencing the process for creating a new constitution in South Sudan.

INTRAC developed and delivered a workshop in Kenya in November 2015 to train the CSOs in advocacy skills. The workshops also served to lay the foundations for a coordinated CSO strategy to influence the constitution and agree key messages.

The course sought to:

  • Build the capacity of participating CSOs to develop and implement an advocacy strategy
  • Support participating CSOs to advocate effectively to powerful stakeholders on the constitutional review process
  • Start developing an advocacy strategy to influence the constitutional review process
  • Identify key messages to present to powerful stakeholders

The course which lasted for 3.5 days involved participants creating a participatory, skeleton advocacy strategy for a real live advocacy initiative, as well as training on advocacy skills.

The style and methodology are effective. I have learnt a lot and it is really going to affect my ways of doing things.

Excellent facilitation, lovely facilitator, clear explanations; understanding dynamics/needs within the group very well.