Decolonisation has been one of the watchwords for civil society in recent years – and this series explores what it means in the context of the commissioning and practice of consultancy. It is organised around a number of key questions: what does decolonising consultancy mean in practice? What needs to change and how can this happen? What roles do different actors need to play – be they consultancies in the global South, international consultancies, or donors?

On 21 September, 2023, INTRAC organised the fourth in our series of webinars which began in 2022. Titled “decolonising consultancy”, it brought together five varied and knowledgeable speakers – all of them experienced civil society practitioners. Each of them spoke about their understanding of what it means to decolonise consultancy, and then took part in a Q&A. Over 220 participants from around the world joined in the discussion.

This event summary captures some key points from these activities. It also contains links to the full event recording and a playlist of highlight videos. Also, see below for a record of the meeting chat. Finally, the EasyRetro board to which participants added their views is available here.


Decolonising consultancy event summary

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DC Event 21 September 2023 Chat

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