Rick James is an organisational change specialist with more than 25 years’ experience working with over 100 NGOs in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe. After working for a Honduran NGO for four years, he completed an MBA in the UK before joining INTRAC at its inception in 1992. Rick has trained, consulted, researched and written extensively on NGO capacity building and organisational change issues. His main areas of specialism include:

  • Organisational change and NGOs
  • Developing NGO leadership
  • Formation of organisational development consultants
  • Working with faith in development
  • Monitoring and evaluating capacity building

Rick spent 10 years in Malawi with INTRAC, where he trained a team of Malawian organisational development practitioners, provided capacity building support to Malawian NGO support organisations, undertook research into leadership change issues and consulted for international NGOs on the monitoring and evaluation of capacity building. He has a PhD in NGO management and is an Honorary Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Management, CASS Business School, London. His doctoral research focused on organisational development and leadership development within African NGOs.

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