EveryChild was a UK international development charity, which closed in September 2016. In 2012, the organisation took the decision to close all of its international programmes, and to transfer income and assets to a new global alliance of national organisations called Family for Every Child. INTRAC conducted a three-part evaluation of EveryChild’s Responsible Exit Process.

The EveryChild exit process consisted of EveryChild exiting from 18 partners and country offices between 2013 and 2016. To mitigate the impact of the exit, a set of responsible exit principles were developed.

To hold themselves to account for how well they kept to their own principles and to share learning with others, EveryChild commissioned INTRAC to conduct an external evaluation of their post-2012 exit process.

Evaluation phases and outputs

The evaluation comprised three phases, which each resulted in their own published outputs. Links to all resources, and related blog posts, are available from the sidebar on this page.

  • Phase I took place in 2015. An interim report was published in March 2015.
  • Phase II was conducted between April and June 2016. INTRAC visited four countries – Cambodia, India, Malawi and Nepal – to see which partners and programmes remained up to 15 months after EveryChild’s exit. The evaluation generated valuable learning for others seeking to exit in a responsible way that promotes sustainability. Following the conclusion of this phase, INTRAC published a synthesis report in September 2016.
  • Phase III was conducted between September 2020 and January 2021. INTRAC researchers in Cambodia, India, Malawi and Nepal conducted interviews with a selection of former EveryChild partners and Community-Based Organisations as well as focus group discussions with community members and key duty-bearers such as Government officials, both in person and remotely. Following the conclusion of this phase and of the evaluation as a whole, INTRAC published Praxis Series Paper No. 13, “Is there lasting change, five years after EveryChild’s exit?

For INTRAC, the EveryChild evaluation forms a part of our wider work on civil society sustainability, aid withdrawal and exit strategies. If you would like to discuss how INTRAC can help your organisation with a responsible exit process, please contact us.