Ending well synthesis report coverEveryChild was a UK international development charity, which closed in September 2016. In 2011, EveryChild played a key role in establishing Family for Every Child; an international alliance of national organisations with a proven track record in child care and protection. In June 2012, EveryChild took the decision to close all of their international programmes through a carefully managed process, and to transfer its income and assets to this new global alliance.

Between 2013 and 2016 EveryChild exited from 18 partners and/or country offices. To mitigate the impact of the exit, EveryChild Programme staff developed a set of Responsible Exit Principles accompanied by a series of tools. To hold themselves to account for how well they have kept to their own principles, and to share learning with others, EveryChild commissioned an external evaluation of their post-2012 exit process.

This report draws on the findings that emerged from the EveryChild evaluation to make recommendations for others seeking to exit in a responsible way, which promotes sustainability.


EveryChild Synthesis Report. September 2016

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