The architecture of aid has changed. More aid from rich countries is being directed to southern governments. As a result, southern NGOs have become worryingly dependent on contracts with their governments to continue their work. This book leads the way in its timely overview of these concerns now confronting the development sector.

An international team of academics bring their extensive experience of NGOs to this critique of the impact of this shift in funding policy on recent -relations. Through interviews with politicians, civil servants and NGO staff in Ghana and India, they present their cutting-edge research in a lively and engaging manner. Case studies bring the ideas alive, while question boxes encourage the reader to consider the key issues raised. In their comparative analysis, the authors identify solutions to the problems encountered, draw illuminating conclusions and provide practical recommendations for ways forward.

At the forefront of this central debate, this book is essential reading for donors, politicians, civil servants, NGOs, academics and everyone involved in effective development.

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