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Learning from OD and psychology in India

Consultant Priya Rajkumar explains how psychology has influenced her OD work in India and Nepal.

Praxis Series Paper No. 13: Is there lasting change, five years after EveryChild’s exit?

Concluding INTRAC’s work on the EveryChild’s responsible exit process, this paper looks at lessons in designing programmes for lasting impact.

Shifting to a remote evaluation of the Change the Game Academy

Advocacy specialist Helen Collinson discusses the challenges in conducting a remote evaluation under COVID-19 restrictions.

ONTRAC 43. How will the global recession affect development?

In this issue of ONTRAC we start to explore some of the impacts of the global recession on development – […]

ONTRAC 39. Control and effectiveness in aid partnerships

In this issue of Ontrac we approach the problem of the ‘bureaucratic beast’ in relationships between development partners from different […]

NGOs and the State in the Twenty-First Century: Ghana and India

The architecture of aid has changed. More aid from rich countries is being directed to southern governments. As a result, […]

NGO Responses to Urban Poverty: Service Providers or Partners in Planning?

If urban development is to move forward in a pro-poor manner, there will have to be far greater investment in […]

ONTRAC 22. Measurement, management and accountability

Much attention has been given recently in development circles to combining quantitative and qualitative methods. This attention has focused on […]

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