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How aid really works: Growth targets

“How aid really works” is a comic strip, which highlights the gap between our lofty ideals and the messy reality […]

Battling with obscenity: global inequality, the WEF, and lack of accountability

By Michael Hammer. There are moments when you open a newspaper and it just hits you. Did we know that […]

M&E Paper 5: The Challenges of Monitoring and Evaluating Programmes

This paper first attempts to present some clarity in understanding the different uses of the term ‘programme’, and then uses the different types of programme to demonstrate the issues that are thrown up for monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

NGOs and the State in the Twenty-First Century: Ghana and India

The architecture of aid has changed. More aid from rich countries is being directed to southern governments. As a result, […]

Praxis Paper 4. Building Organisational Resilience to HIV/AIDS: Implications for Capacity Building

HIV/AIDS is fast becoming the worst ever human disease disaster. The economic and social costs are escalating, particularly in sub-Saharan […]

ONTRAC 9. Building the internal strength of urban NGO’s: the right way round or from the inside out?

How do we judge our capacity as NGOs in a realistic way? How do we know if a partner is […]

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