This publication captures the issues and discussions of a one day Forum on Diversity held in Oxford in May 1998. By hosting a forum on diversity, INTRAC and CIC (Change International Consultants) were aware that whilst diversity was an issue on the agenda in international development agencies, it was by no means ‘mainstream’, nor had it been widely debated as an issue within the sector. It was clear from INTRAC’s work in organisational development and capacity-building from CIC’s experience in gender and human rights, that diversity was an issue affecting individuals, teams and organisations.

Against this background, both organisations felt a need to open up and involve others in their discussions, dilemmas and developments. As a result, the Forum on Diversity as intended to offer a space to explore diversity with similarly interested people, both Programme and Human Resource staff, representing fifteen UK-based international NGOs.

The outline of this publication is as follows: first, a summary of some key themes and issues arising from the discussions during the Forum and from the presentations made; secondly, a verbatim record of the four presentations made; thirdly a record of the proceedings of the day and feedback from those present.



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