Tag: INGO relationships

OPS 49. Indigenous Social Movements and International NGOs in the Peruvian Amazon

The following report presents a detailed case study of an indigenous organisation based in the Peruvian Amazon and its relationships […]

ONTRAC 39. Control and effectiveness in aid partnerships

In this issue of Ontrac we approach the problem of the ‘bureaucratic beast’ in relationships between development partners from different […]

‘Taking Stock’ – A Snapshot of INGO Engagement in Civil Society Capacity Building

The last decade saw a marked growth of interest and engagement in civil society capacity building, with diverse actors involved […]

OPS 21. Exploring Diversity Issues Within the International NGO Sector

This publication captures the issues and discussions of a one day Forum on Diversity held in Oxford in May 1998. […]

OPS 16. Partners or Contractors: A Case Study of Kenya and Zimbabwe

An increasing proportion of official assistance is being channeled through NGOs, a trend starting the early 1980s. Major revisions in […]

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