praxis-paper-no-3-coverNGOs work in an increasingly demanding environment characterised by growing competition for shrinking aid budgets. They are under pressure to demonstrate that the resources they are given make a visible and lasting impact. This makes them very action-oriented.

This Praxis Paper explores the importance of organisational learning in NGOs drawing on examples gathered from interviews mainly with Northern NGO staff and from an extensive review of the literature. In this Paper we examine why NGOs need to provide the motive, means and opportunity for organisational learning, and introduce practical examples of how pioneering NGOs are doing this.


Praxis-Paper-3 - Organisational Learning in NGOs - Bruce Britton

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Praxis-Paper-3 - French - L’apprentissage organisationnel dans les ONG - Bruce Britton

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Praxis-Paper-3 - Chinese - NGO的组织学习 - Bruce Britton

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Praxis-Paper-3 - Spanish - Aprendizaje Organizacional en ONG - Bruce Britton

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Praxis-Paper-3 - Russian - Организационное Обучение в НПО - Брюс Бриттон

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