This review is the product of an initiative taken by the Development Studies Association (DSA) Study Group on NGOs. During the DSA annual meeting in Nottingham in September 1992, various members raised questions about the quality and quantity of research being carried out by British NGOs. The Convener of the  Study Group, Alan Fowler, was asked to carry out a survey of agencies involved in development work, to review their present research programmes and future research needs. INTRAC agreed to allow its database of NGOs to be used for the mailing and as a result some 200 agencies were sent questionnaires. Just over 50 replies were received.

The ODA Senior Research Adviser, Sean Colin, subsequently agreed to support a two-day meeting to discuss issues raised be the survey. A range of agencies and representatives from a number of research institutions in the UK were invited to a workshop, held in Coventry in March 1993. Their thoughts and recommendations have been incorporated into this report.



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