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Praxis Paper 31. Developing a timeline for exit strategies

This paper collects and analyses learning from a year-long Action Learning Set on exit with the British Red Cross, EveryChild, Oxfam GB, Sightsavers and WWF-UK.

The human side of the exit strategy: staff care and personnel management

By Rachel Hayman. “Who signs the last leaving card?” A jocular question during an otherwise serious discussion at the January […]

Action learning set on exit strategies

Building on INTRAC’s work on aid withdrawal, we facilitated an Action Learning Set (ALS) on exit strategies with the British […]

Praxis Note 61. The Jigsaw of Mayor Clement Stories and lessons from an action learning programme in West Africa

In 2008, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)1 and PSO came together to support an approach to organisational development in the south […]

Action Learning Sets: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs

  Action learning sets are a simple and powerful way for individuals to learn from each other. Using the knowledge […]

Praxis Note 53. Using Action Learning Sets methodology in an NGO capacity building programme

This note describes how the use of Action Learning Sets (ALS) methodology in Central Asia has enabled NGO leaders and staff to become effective in addressing organisational and operational challenges. This approach has contributed to the overall strengthening of their organisations.