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Civil societies at crossroads: eruptions, initiatives, and evolution in citizen activism

By Brian Pratt. The latest special issue of Development in Practice is based on some of the interesting work of the […]

Global changes and civil society. Background paper for ‘Civil society at a new frontier’ conference

This short paper explores the challenges confronting civil society at a time of unprecedented and widely underestimated global change.

‘Taking Stock’ – A Snapshot of INGO Engagement in Civil Society Capacity Building

The last decade saw a marked growth of interest and engagement in civil society capacity building, with diverse actors involved […]

Praxis Paper 7. Building Analytical and Adaptive Capacities for Organisational Effectiveness

This Praxis Paper argues that there is a need to recognise and enhance these analytical and adaptive capacities in order […]

Evaluating Civil Society Building in Afghanistan

When we are talking about Civil Society in Afghanistan two terminologies come to mind: one the Civil Society with its […]

ONTRAC 20. Changing expectations? The concept and practice of Civil Society in international development

In December 2001, international delegates gathered in Oxford to attend INTRAC’s 10th Anniversary Conference. The delegates represented a broad cross-section […]