Tag: grant funding

How to use a core grant

In his third blog focusing on core grants, Rod MacLeod explores how they should best be used by recipients.

How to select suitable recipients of core grants

In the second supporting blog supporting his paper on core grants, Rod MacLeod looks at what makes a suitable recipient.

Core grants: Why isn’t everyone doing them?

An introduction to core grants, a unique and flexible funding mechanism which is the subject of this paper by Rod MacLeod jointly produced with Laudes Foundation.

Core grants: the long and winding road to transformative funding

This paper, jointly developed with Laudes Foundation, examines core grants – a flexible funding mechanism with unique advantages and disadvantages.

M&E Paper 1: Monitoring Flexible Funding: Navigating the challenges

This paper examines the debate that has emerged around the problems encountered in funding flexibly whilst trying to meet the demands for more results-based grant management .

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