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Supporting a responsible transition process in Malawi

How INTRAC worked with both partners to ensure a responsible transition in Malawi.

A grassroots glossary: community solutions to communication problems

Guest author Dr Angela Crack explains how a new Chichewa-English glossary of development terms was created.

Praxis Series Paper No. 13: Is there lasting change, five years after EveryChild’s exit?

Concluding INTRAC’s work on the EveryChild’s responsible exit process, this paper looks at lessons in designing programmes for lasting impact.

Exit: the end of the road?

By INTRAC Principal Consultant Rick James. One community leader in Malawi likened EveryChild’s exit to: “the end of the tarmac […]

Praxis Note 46. Who Needs an HIV Policy? Informal workplace responses to HIV in Nigerian, Kenyan and Malawian CSOs

  In an effort to encourage partners to adjust to HIV in the workplace, some donors are focusing on an […]

Praxis Paper 11. Counting the Organisational Cost of HIV/AIDS to Civil Society Organisations: Pilot Research Study, Malawi

This paper suggests how CSOs in Sub-Saharan Africa can build organisational resilience in order to survive the loss of valuable staff, time and money that HIV/AIDS will cause. It also concludes with practical recommendations for their donors in how they can move beyond being ‘concerned bystanders’.

Praxis Note 14. Autocratics Anonymous: A Controversial Perspective on Leadership Development

This note suggests an alternative approach to leadership development , guided by the similarity between the behavioural change processes that leaders went through and some key elements of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Twelve-Step process.

ONTRAC 31. Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers: Some Reflections

Many NGOs and civil society organisations (CSOs) have been working towards the implementation of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs). Five […]