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Organisational happiness: a reality check

By Paula Haddock. It’s International Happiness Day today and it just happens to coincide with my last day at INTRAC. […]

Praxis Note 53. Using Action Learning Sets methodology in an NGO capacity building programme

This note describes how the use of Action Learning Sets (ALS) methodology in Central Asia has enabled NGO leaders and staff to become effective in addressing organisational and operational challenges. This approach has contributed to the overall strengthening of their organisations.

Praxis Note 3. How Can Knowledge Transferability Be Managed Across Cultures?

This Praxis Note addresses the important issues of transferring knowledge and best practice in the cross-cultural context within which all development NGOs work.

Praxis Note 1. Why is a Cross-Cultural Approach Necessary?

This Praxis Note outlines the crosscultural management imperative and the importance of the project Management and Change in Africa to developing management and organisational capacity in non-governmental development organisations in Africa and beyond.