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How aid really works: The problem with participation

“How aid really works” is a comic strip, which highlights the gap between our lofty ideals and the messy reality […]

Praxis Note 71. From Action Research to Advocacy. Promoting Women’s Political Participation in North Africa

INTRAC Principal Consultant Rod MacLeod shares key lessons learned from the vantage point of a facilitator in the British Council project Women Participating in Public Life and reflects on the challenges and opportunities of using an action research approach.

Enabling Youth Volunteerism for a Better Future in Jordan

Guest blog by Dr. Haya Al-Dajani, Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia. Young adults aged between 18 – 30 […]

Using Action Research to promote women’s participation in North Africa

By Rowan Popplewell. I recently returned from a whirlwind trip across North Africa, facilitating workshops on Action Research with local […]

Civil Society at Crossroads: shifts, challenges, options

  The global synthesis report of the ‘Civil Society at a Crossroads’ initiative – a collective reflection process about the […]

Civil Society at a Crossroads

INTRAC was one of six civil society support organisations involved in Civil Society at a Crossroads, a collective reflection process about the future of civil society around the world.

Praxis Paper 21. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in Practice: Lessons learnt from Central Asia

This paper records an attempt to develop a fully participative M&E system, drawing on the experience of a team of INTRAC staff working on a civil society strengthening programme in close collaboration with their partners in the five countries of Central Asia

Fostering Democratic Ownership: Towards Greater Impact on Poverty

Civil Society participation in sector level policy processes is currently highly constrained. Through platforms for engagement at sector level have […]