IMG_6068Think about the last good meeting, workshop or event you attended: what made it good, left you inspired, full of ideas, eager to follow up on connections? What if all the events you organise energised participants in this way, enabling them to bring the best of their collective experience and intelligence to the task at hand.

Our blended course (online element week commencing 30 May 2017 and face-to-face in Oxford 6-8 June 2017) will reveal the secrets of designing and facilitating events that maximise on the contributions of the participants. This participatory training will enable you to try out new techniques and scenarios to expand your facilitator toolkit. It is ideal for those involved in bringing groups together and anyone seeking to improve their facilitation skills.

The training is facilitated by Pete Cranston and Isobel Mcconnan who will guide you through the phases of an event showing you how to transform them. They will create a space that allows time for thinking, exploration and show you how you can develop conversations that matter and produce results.

The trainers have, between them, over 50 year’s experience working with groups and are passionate about providing spaces where people can bring more to conversations that get things done. To find out more about their work please see their blog:

For more information about the course and to book your place: