Anabel Cruz B&W websiteOriginally from Uruguay, Anabel has been working for the respect of Human Rights and strengthening of democracy for more than 30 years. In 1986, after several years of exile, she returned to Uruguay and founded with other colleagues the “Instituto de Comunicación y Desarrollo” (ICD), a CSO aimed to promoting citizen participation and strengthening civil society. ICD has become a national and international reference in the field of supporting institutional building and capacities of CSOs, promoting NGO accountability and the enhancement of the role of civil society in public policies.

Anabel is a well-known expert on civil society and citizen participation, she is the Vice Chair of the Core Humanitarian Standard Alliance and an active member of ISTR (International Society for Third-Sector Research) and the Chair of the Board of CIVICUS.

Throughout the years, Anabel and INTRAC have collaborated on initiatives such as Civil Society at a Crossroads and publications including a special issue of Development in Practice on civil society sustainability. Anabel has also presented during INTRAC conferences, workshops and webinars.

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