Brenda.LipsonBrenda is an independent consultant and trainer with more than 27 years’ of experience in different aspects of international development and civil society strengthening. Formerly an INTRAC Director for eight years, Brenda became an Associate in 2008 and provides consultancy and training services in the fields of organisational capacity building; organisational reviews and change management; and development of policies and programmes on civil society strengthening amongst other topics.

Brenda has considerable experience of living and working in the Latin America and Caribbean region, having worked there with local CSOs in non-formal adult education programmes and also held country and regional manager posts with Progressio and Oxfam, two British INGOs. The past ten years have seen her geographic experience extended to many other countries and regions across the globe.

In addition to providing consultancy services with a range of individual NGOs, local civil society organisations and official agencies, Brenda has also worked with a number of global civil society membership organisations such as Amnesty International; International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS; and Public Services International (PSI – a global public sector Trade Union Federation).

Brenda has an MSc in Management Development and Social Responsibility (Bristol University). She has a particular interest in the role of values in capacity building work and is the co-author of Capacity Building Framework: A values-based programming guide.

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