Geof WoodAfter fieldwork in Africa in the late 60s, Geof conducted extensive research on aspects of poverty, governance and civil society in North India, Bangladesh and Pakistan for over three decades, with additional work in Nepal, Afghanistan, Thailand, Venezuela and Peru.

Applied work included policy analysis and action-research with governments, NGOs and international agencies. Geof current research is focussed upon insecurity, welfare regimes, well-being and strategies of de-clientelisation (thus linking the security and liberty themes), governance and civil society, and the characteristics of extreme poverty.

Geof is a member of the ESRC funded ‘Well-Being in Developing Countries’ research programme at University of Bath (2002-07), as well as an advisor to the Socio-Economic Security Programme, ILO, Geneva; and a member of the World Bank Social Development Indicators Group. He also served as Founder Director of the Institute for International Policy Analysis; and Head of Department of Economics and International Development, Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and University Research Adviser, at the University of Bath.

Geof was INTRAC’s Chair of Board from 2009-14.