Hiwot Alemayehu is a leadership and capacity development consultant based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with significant experience in civil society capacity development in Ethiopia, Ghana, Sudan, South Sudan and New York. She has conducted research and evaluation projects in collaboration with CSOs in Ethiopia that focused on organizational leadership, youth development, gender and customary law. She advises civil society organisations on governance and leadership and through  the British Council  programme, she worked as a facilitator in designing and delivering training.

In addition, she has experience in developing a cross – country capacity development programs, creates structure and new processes and lead international team for successful delivery. She has trainings on social enterprise, conflict management and program development.  Her talents based on Gallup Strength Finder Assessment© are belief, Developer and Strategic.

Hiwot is also a founding member of Andimeta Ethiopian Civil Discourse Society. Andimeta serves as a locus where civility, humanity and plurality are fortified in Ethiopia and East Africa. With her multi disciplinary background, Hiwot current interest lie in organizational development research and conflict management & reconciliation process in Ethiopia.

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