janice-giffen-new-pictureJanice was a staff member of INTRAC for fifteen years before moving on to become an Associate. She continues to be involved in research relating to the role of civil society in democratisation, poverty reduction and policy dialogue and is involved in working with such groups themselves in strengthening their capacities for meaningful engagement. She also continues to advise on the development useful M&E systems and conducts Evaluations.

Recent work with INTRAC includes the production of a report providing an overview of the international development strategies and mechanisms of leading DAC donors for an INGO working in Russia which is engaged in advocacy on BRICS countries development assistance policies and structures. She also undertook research on BRICS countries’ engagement with their own civil societies, which led to the production of a briefing paper on this process. She continues to be involved in INTRAC’s Central Asia programme.

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Cyprus: Strengthening Civil Society within Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot Communities

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