Paula Haddock

Paula Haddock was INTRAC’s Training Manager for more than 5 years and is now an INTRAC Associate. She was responsible for managing INTRAC’s broad range of training offers, inputting and advising on capacity building programmes and training and consulting on the themes of training of trainers, M&E and impact assessment of training. She is a co-founding member of the Europe-based Training Providers Forum that shares best practice on training provision to the sector.

Paula is also active in the field of mindfulness and social justice. She is a qualified mindfulness teacher and is a co-founding member of the Mindfulness and Social Change Network which is a collective of academics, activists, development and humanitarian workers and socially engaged mindfulness practitioners exploring the importance of inner work for bringing about transformative, sustainable and systemic change. Paula also trains with and is on the advisory board of Ecodharma and The Ulex Project in Spain, which works with grassroots activists from across Europe. She trains on week-long, residential workshops on Transformative Collaboration, Thinking Diversity Radically, and Mindfulness for Social Change – all of which incorporate contemplative practice with building skills for change makers.


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