Sue Turrell has over 30 years of experience of the international development sector. She spent over a decade living and working in Africa and the Middle East focusing on research, teaching and training projects. She has worked for a range of UK INGOs, managing programmes, leading programme quality improvements, institutional fundraising and improving impact in fragile states.

As the CEO for Womankind Worldwide, she grew the organisation financially as well as its influence and impact. At Oxfam GB, for a number of years Sue led the organisation through a major change process designed to shift more power and decision making to the south and away from northern HQs, affecting 45 country programmes, 6 regional teams and the whole of the International Programmes Team based in the UK. Sue has sat of the board of trustees of People in Aid and Bond.

She is now the Operations Director at the Start Network, a humanitarian network of 42 INGOs, leading its reorganisation and growth