Sue WeaverSue Weaver runs Workrelated, an Oxford-based counselling and human resources practice. She specialises in executive and management coaching, work-related and personal counselling, short international consultancies, and mediation and group facilitation for a number of organisations and charities. She has worked internationally with Oxfam, Voluntary Service Overseas, the British Council and the UN, mainly in a range of African countries, particularly Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria and Morocco. She has also worked with the public and private sectors, particularly in the fields of health and education.

Sue trained in counselling at the University of Oxford and has many further qualifications, including in brief workplace therapy, mediation (via the Alternative Dispute Resolution Group) and executive coaching (via the Academy of Executive Coaching). She has a degree in psychology and a graduate diploma in law, as well as a professional background in human resources, management, and leadership. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She joined INTRAC’s board in 2014.