Valli YanniValli Yanni is an Egyptian consultant who has been involved in international development since 1986. She has worked in Egypt, Yemen and Ecuador on long-term development projects. Since 1995, she has been working independently in the areas of training, facilitation and consultancy with a variety of international and national NGOs and foundations, academic institutions and donor agencies. Over the last few years, she has been working extensively in the Middle East region.

Her main areas of expertise include:

Training: Monitoring and evaluation within a results-based framework; strategic thinking and planning; governance and leadership skills; change management; communication and facilitation skills; Training of Trainers; participatory approaches to development; advocacy for human rights; and cross-cultural communication.

Facilitation: of a wide range of events with different levels of complexity: organisational assessment; strategic thinking and planning; envisioning with Theory of Change; sharing, learning and networking; and working in partnership. Such events (meetings, workshops, conferences) varied from small team of 4-5 people to regional and global level with up to 200 multi-stakeholders across programmes, countries, regions, affiliates, cultures and languages.

Consultancy: organisational assessment; developing strategies and strategic plans using Theory of Change and including a monitoring, evaluation and learning system; project and programme evaluation using participatory methods; and mentoring and coaching for development practitioners.

Valli is also a life coach. She is a native Arabic speaker, and fluent in English and Spanish. Valli has been an associate with INTRAC since 2007.

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